ICP-MS Spectrometers

The SPECTRO MS is a double-focusing sector field mass spectrometer based on a Mattauch-Herzog design with a newly developed ion optic and pioneering detector technology. It is the only instrument available on the market today that is capable of simultaneously measuring the complete mass range used for inorganic mass spectrometry from 6Li to 238U with a permanent ion beam going to the detector.

The time-consuming scanning of masses one after the other is no longer required. Instead, each mass in the relevant spectrum is covered by approximately 20 out of the 4800 channels that the completely new semiconductor detector provides for simultaneous readout at a very high rate. In doing so, with each measurement the complete mass spectrum is determined and stored for immediate or later evaluation and re-processing.

Every single component of the SPECTRO MS has been optimized in view of analytical performance and simple operation. As a result, the SPECTRO MS provides exceptional resolution, especially for complex sample matrices. The low background combined with high sensitivity gives the signal to noise ratio necessary for very low detection limits. Simplest routine operation and sophisticated software functions offer users many unique possibilities.

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