XRF Spectrometers

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology (ED-XRF) provides one of the simplest, most accurate and most economic analytical methods for the determination of the chemical composition of many types of materials. It is non-destructive and reliable, requires no, or very little, sample preparation and is suitable for solid, liquid and powdered samples. It can be used for a wide range of elements, from sodium (11) to uranium (92), and provides detection limits at the sub-ppm level; it can also measure concentrations of up to 100% easily and simultaneously.

SPECTRO is a world leader in the manufacture of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers; in recent years it has set standards by further developing this technology and has developed numerous new fields of operation for ED-XRF.

It offers a complete range of products, from small bench-top instruments for special tasks to multi-purpose laboratory spectrometers, and a wide range of on-line solutions – whatever your specifications, we can meet them.

Typical uses include the analysis of oils and fuel, plastic, rubber and textiles, pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, cosmetics and body care products, fertilizers, minerals, ores, rocks, sands, slags, cements, heat-resistant materials, glass, ceramics, wafers; the determination of coatings on paper, film, polyester and metals; the sorting of metal alloys, glass and plastic according to their constituent materials; and the monitoring of solid waste, effluent, cleaning fluids, pools and filters.

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