Field & Offsite

SPECTROSCOUT for Field & Offsite Testing

The lab that goes anywhere

For many applications, a primary concern is the need to deliver analytical results on site. Sending samples back to the laboratory adds significant time delays to most projects. In fact, it may render some tasks impractical or impossible.

As an example, real-time analytical results are essential for the determination of elemental compositions for mining and geological use, delivering the necessary data for assessing progress and for making data-based changes to the direction of drilling. Also jewelers, recyclers, and refiners of precious metals and alloys require elemental analytical capabilities with affordability and good analytical performance as the key features for determining percentages of gold, silver, and other precious metal alloys quickly and accurately at any place, so that advantageous deals can be struck.

Service companies, government agencies, universities, corporations, and testing labs perform environmental screening of soil, sediment, waste, and waste oil in everything from development areas and landfills to military installations. Often they must test the material for heavy metals and other toxic elements directly in the field.

For all such applications, the SPECTROSCOUT is a proven, onsite solution providing laboratory-class results that are affordable, fast, and easy. The new SPECTROSCOUT analyzer is the lab that goes anywhere.

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