Lab & At-Line

SPECTROSCOUT for Laboratory and At-Line Testing

Bringing laboratory-quality analysis to the production line

The new SPECTROSCOUT for laboratory and at-line testing is a durable, compact XRF analyzer that delivers reliable and highly precise results – with the power of a top-grade laboratory benchtop instrument but in a transportable design. Employing the SPECTROSCOUT for at-line analysis dramatically enhances QC productivity by eliminating the time wasted transporting samples from the plant floor to the laboratory to wait in queue for testing. In contrast, the SPECTROSCOUT can be sited directly on the manufacturing floor to deliver audit-traceable results from high-percentage concentrations to trace elements.

The SPECTROSCOUT is a much more affordable alternative to the at-line installation of larger and more costly laboratory instruments and can be operated with minimal introductory training. It is ideal for producers of processed or manufactured goods including chemicals, oil, metal surface coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, feedstock, and more.

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