Small spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer optimized for precious metal testing, for compliance testing, for element line scans and mappings

Accuracy of elemental analysis is often critical — especially in refining precious metals. For other applications speed is even more important: High-volume hallmarking centers demand both fast and accurate analysis. In addition, all users prefer analyzers that are easy to operate, with helpful software and easy transfer of results into a lab network. In dealing with precious metals, of course, users also prize non-destructive sampling.

For years, SPECTRO MIDEX has turned in top-rated XRF performance in all these areas. Many assay laboratories worldwide subject every sample to SPECTRO MIDEX testing before further processing. Now a new generation of SPECTRO MIDEX analyzers approaches fire assay analysis in precision and greatly surpasses it in speed and ease. SPECTRO MIDEX incorporates the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology, plus a greatly improved count rate. These smart new innovations help make it one of the most advanced midrange laboratory XRF benchtop analyzers available for precious metals testing.

The SPECTRO MIDEX is also known to be an all-round talent for the fast, non-destructive analysis of small spots and the rapid mapping of large surfaces (up to 233×160 mm, 9.2×6.3”) in research and development as well is in compliance screening applications as many elemental analysis tasks in industry, research and the sciences require a non-destructive measuring system that is extremely sensitive and offers a small measuring spot.

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